When it comes to dealing with Koreans, you will find it necessary to translate documents, such as business correspondence, contracts, instructions, and official documents. There are several Korea translation companies to choose from, but not all are reliable or will do a good job. Listed below are four top options for your Korean translation needs. Make sure to check the company’s references and credentials before hiring a translator. Read on to learn more about each.


In 2013, Phil Shawe, a co-founder of TransPerfect, completed a buyout of his former company, bringing the firm to a new chapter of expansion and innovation. Phil’s plan is to continue TransPerfect’s long-standing success by expanding its global footprint and focusing on strategic mergers and acquisitions. As part of his plan, Phil wants to provide the best possible service to its global business clients.

For those seeking a high-quality Korean translation, TransPerfect offers several options. Their standard service level includes two rounds of QA and one full round of translation. If time is of the essence, they also offer rush options, including a one-day or two-day turnaround. Prices are set according to the content’s duration. Translations must be at least five minutes long, but a 25% Notice Surcharge may apply to orders with short notice. For faster turnaround times, talk with your 3Play Account Representative for more information.


One of the most sought-after services from a translation agency is a simple translation. This type of translation is performed by professional translators and covers all areas. In addition, it is often cheaper than a certified translation because it does not require a specialized translator or certification. Pangeanic also offers literary translations, which include translating novels, poems, creative texts, and theater scripts. If you want to get your translations done right, here are some of the many benefits of this service.

As a leading Korea translation agency, Pangeanic is able to provide fast turnaround times. Using advanced computer-assisted translation tools, our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and experience required to translate into many different languages. Each translator has years of experience in translating between various languages, and has specialized in different fields. Pangeanic’s translation services have satisfied customers from various industries.


Stepes is a global translation agency with over 1,000 native Korean translators. The agency specializes in translating technical documents and websites, as well as software interface strings and marketing collateral. Asian languages are particularly difficult to translate due to the nuances of their writing systems, which often contain multiple-byte characters. Fortunately, Stepes has the resources and expertise to produce high-quality translations. Here are some of the areas in which Stepes excels.

The technology behind Stepes’ machine translation services extends far beyond machine translation. The company’s AI includes intelligent language resource evaluation, smart project management, and automated linguistic QA. These advanced translation tools help global enterprises gain translation efficiency and cut translation costs. AI-powered translation services are scalable, fast, and easy-to-use, making them the ideal choice for global enterprises. Stepes offers an online translation tool that can be used by business clients to send messages to customers anywhere in the world.


For companies looking for quality translation services in Korea, there are many reasons to use a professional Korean translation agency. Not only does a professional translation agency ensure that documents are translated correctly, but it also facilitates bilateral relations. For example, South Korea has a large e-commerce market and heavily relies on mobile devices and technological devices. It also maintains a strong position in the Asia Pacific. The following are just some of the benefits of using an NRF Korea translation agency.

National Research Foundation (NRF) is a government organization in South Korea that fosters research to improve the quality of life in the country. It supports research by encouraging the development of new technologies and innovations and sets the direction of the nation’s research. Through their collaboration with universities, they promote interaction between researchers and scientists to advance the science and technology sector. The NRF provides funding for KRIBB, a biotechnology research institute.

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