Polycarbonate lenses are one of the lightest, thinnest and safest lenses in the marketplace today. Most all lenses are actually made out of polycarbonate polymer.

The polycarbonate materials was produced from the 1970’s for use for aerospace use. Polycarbonate remains to be the popular material used for Room shuttle windshields and helmet visors on the astronauts. It wasn’t right up until 1980 when polycarbonate was introduced into how to bend plexiglass eyeglass lenses as a result of demand from customers for light-weight and affect resistant lenses.

The lenses normally regarded ‘coke bottle bottoms’ are regarded as the earlier generations of lenses. 1 cure to work with this new substance is for the reason that these lenses are typically thinner and lighter than most traditional glass or plastic which is the preferred option in the majority of eye wear. Prior lenses were being constructed from a molding procedure wherever the liquid plastic was molded and baked for a protracted stretch of time. The liquid would harden and would inevitably generate the lens.

Polycarb lenses On the flip side while start out out as reliable elements which are formed like pellets. These are generally then heated till they soften. After the pellets have melted, the liquid is then inserted in the molds on the lenses that are compressed and cooled. In lieu of this method getting many hours, the procedure to create polycarbonate lenses only requires minutes. This method is referred to as Injection molding as opposed to the Solid molding approach.

A further important feature of those lenses is their ultraviolet light inhibiting worth. Using these lenses just one doesn’t have to pay for additional for UV procedure to protect eyes from potentially dangerous rays.

Nothing at all can Look at to your effect resistance and security of polycarbonate lenses. This content has become used in ‘bullet-proof’ windows in vehicles and plane windshields. Because of the supplies employed, most safety glasses and youngsters’s eyewear use ‘polycarb’ due to remarkable protection attributes. In fact, polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 periods additional effects-resistant than standard plastic or glass lenses. These lenses can also be used in rimless eyewear glasses as a result of lightweight and due to the frame factors. Polycarbonate lenses tend to be ten% thinner compared to the plastic or trivex plastic product lenses.

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